Ritual - 8.5'' Silicone Sidecar Rig - Miami Sunset

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Experience a seamless and powerful dabbing experience with the Ritual - 8.5'' Silicone Sidecar Rig - Miami Sunset. This exemplar edition from Ritual's acclaimed lineup stands out for its roaring potency and alluring aesthetics. At an impressive 8.5'' height, this sidecar rig is exquisitely designed to deliver unprecedented flavor and vapor intensity that'll elevate your smoking regimen. Crafted with top-tier platinium cured silicone, the structure delivers an unequivocal durability that is unrivalled. This formidable resilience has lead us to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all silicone parts of this sidecar rig, reinforcing the product's supreme quality and longevity. Adding to its versatility, this powerful piece includes a premium Quartz Banger, which significantly enhances the dabbing process. The unique air path and fully functional incycler perc work cohesively to produce potent puffs that will exceed your expectations. One of its most practical features, yet often overlooked, is its built-in storage compartment. This discrete area allows you to stylishly transport your oil, ensuring you're always ready for a session. The addition of a dab tool further bolsters the utility of this all-in-one dabbing platform. Despite its sturdy construction and feature-rich design, this 8.5'' Silicone Sidecar Rig uncompromisingly maintains its ease of cleaning and travel-friendly characteristics. Whether you're at home or on the move, this compact and durable rig will likely become your go-to smoking accessory. Embrace the elevated lifestyle with the Ritual - 8.5'' Silicone Sidecar Rig - Miami Sunset. Made in China, designed in the USA, this sidecar rig maintains an unpretentious charm, providing a powerful performance time after time. Elevate your daily ritual with us!
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