Ritual - 8.5'' Silicone Sidecar Rig - UV Titanium White

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Experience the power and intensity of your dabs with the Ritual 8.5" Silicone Sidecar Rig in UV Titanium White. This highly sought after sidecar rig is a staple in Ritual's product lineup, renowned for its robust flavor and vapor production. Crafted from virtually indestructible platinum cured silicone, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty on silicone parts for an extra assurance of durability. Designed in the USA but made in China, this 8.5" tall sidecar rig is the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability and style. The unique air path and incycler perc at its core are instrumental in delivering potent puffs every single time. Furthermore, its UV reactivity adds a visual intrigue to the overall experience. The Ritual Silicone Sidecar Rig is complete with a quartz banger for optimal flavor retention. The rig also features a convenient storage compartment plus a dab tool, ensuring you always have a place to store your oil even when you're on the go. Its travel-friendly design also makes this piece easy to clean, ideal for those who live life on the move. With the Ritual 8.5'' Silicone Sidecar Rig in UV Titanium White, you won't just partake in an elevate ritual, you'll embody it.
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