Rubber Duckie Perc Oil Rig - 8"" / 14mm Female

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Discover the joy of a superior smoking experience with our Rubber Duckie Perc Oil Rig - 8"" / 14mm Female. Exceptionally designed with a fun and playful aesthetic, this oil rig isn't just a smoking utility; it's a conversation piece. Stand-out features include an 8-inch, 14mm female oil rig for a seamless connection, ensuring a secure and stable setup. You'll love the fixed downstem, a critical component to your smoking experience as it makes sure the smoke travels smoothly straight from the bowl to the water in the pipe. Further enhancing your experience is the ducky percolator, carefully calibrated for peak performance. The role of this inventive addition is to break up the smoke into smaller particles, increasing the surface area, and thereby cooling and smoothing the smoke before inhalation. This package comes with a banger included, ready for immediate use. You can expect a rapid heating time and increased efficiency as you make every drop count. Delicate rubber ducky decorations adorn this oil rig, giving it an unparalleled personal touch. It's certainly far from your typical hardware, lending a fun and casual vibe that will brighten up any setting it's in. Please note that colors may vary, allowing you to have a unique piece specially selected for you. As a final point, this product is intended for legal herbal use only, and cannot be used for tobacco. So why wait? Jump into a top-tier smoking experience with our inventive and uniquely styled Rubber Duckie Perc Oil Rig - 8"" / 14mm Female today.
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