Silicone Glass Rig w Disc Perc - 5"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Experience the best of both worlds with our Silicone Glass Rig w Disc Perc - 5"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary. This hybrid oil rig is specially designed with food grade silicone, making it durable and safe to use. The distinctive disc-style percolator ensures ultimate filtration for a smoother and cleaner experience. Accompanied by a 14mm quartz banger, our rig enhances the flavor of your legal herbal concentrate, offering an efficient, enjoyable, and elevated experience. The built-in lanyard loop makes it easy to carry and store, while the easy-to-clean design simplifies maintenance. Available in assorted colors, this rig adds a vibrant touch to your collection (note: actual color may vary). Whether you're a novice or a veteran, this Silicone Glass Rig w Disc Perc rewards you with the ideal balance of functionality and style. Disclaimer: This rig is intended for legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco. Experience the captivating fusion of silicone and glass specifically designed for your legal herb enjoyment.
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