Silicone Wrapped Dab Straw - 3.75"" / Colors Vary

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Discover the perfect, compact companion for your favorite herbal remedies with our Silicone Wrapped Dab Straw - 3.75". This dual-function tool functions as both, a chillum and a dab straw, offering a diverse range of use. Crafted from top-quality, food-grade silicone, it assures safety and durability. What sets our dab straw apart? It's the two-part design! The integrated removable glass tip promises a clean, pure taste - exactly what you'd seek in an ideal dabbing experience. You can easily take it apart for effortless cleaning. This design feature enhances the longevity of the straw. Worried about style? With our Silicone Wrapped Dab Straw, colors are never a mundane affair. Though they vary, each one is as vibrant as the other, adding a splash of color to your collection. Use this compact straw legally for your herbal solutions. Note: This product is intended strictly for legal herbal use and not for tobacco. Explore an amazing dabbing and smoking experience with our Silicone Wrapped Dab Straw - 3.75"! This reusable straw is just the right size to fit your pocket, making it an ideal choice for all on-the-go enthusiasts. Enjoy diverse, hassle-free and tasteful sessions every time!
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