Silver Fumed Oil Rig - 8"" / 14mm Female

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Discover the ultimate dabbing experience with our Silver Fumed Oil Rig - 8"/14mm Female. This stunning piece, geared solely for legal herbal use, brings together design, functionality, and uncompromising quality to deliver an unparalleled smoking encounter. The 8"/14mm female dab rig ensures superior thermal stability, allowing for precise heating. Coupled with its fixed downstem, you're guaranteed a consistent and potent hit every time. Our oil rig also features an inline percolator, masterfully designed to cool down the smoke, providing an unbelievably smooth and flavorful dab. The Silver Fumed Oil Rig comes complete with a 4mm thick quartz banger nail - a perfect addition for dab aficionados valuing durability and heat retention. To top it all, the silver fuming of this unique piece adds an aesthetic twist, creating exquisite color-changing effects as it interacts with light differently each time. Please note, this rig is intended for legal herbal use only and is not designed for tobacco usage. Experience the optimum blend of form, function, and style with the Silver Fumed Oil Rig - 8"/14mm Female.
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