Space King Glass - 'Space Pyramid' Mini Rig

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Introducing the Space King Glass - 'Space Pyramid' Mini Rig, your ticket to a celestial smoking experience. Crafted with top-notch glass, this uniquely shaped pyramid mini rig stands at 5" tall, but delivers a cosmic punch with every smooth hit. The rig's innovative design incorporates a cone head percolator to enhance the smoothness and intensity of your hits, ensuring a pleasurable user experience every time. This comprehensive kit is delivered with a 14mm banger bowl and a carb cap, all encased within a captivating display box. The 'Space Pyramid' Mini Rig not only caters to your smoking needs but makes an aesthetic impact too. Its stylish frame is available in an array of five diverse colors, promising a design that suits your preference (note: color ships randomly). Thanks to Space King Glass, this mini rig/water pipe transforms every session into an interstellar journey. Get ready to take a smoother, more satisfying draw, one that will send your clouds - and you - soaring into orbit. Revel in the space-themed smoking experience that Space King has designed with your utmost comfort and satisfaction in mind.
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