Spiral Stripe Bauble Glass Rig - 9.5""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Introducing the Spiral Stripe Bauble Glass Rig - a colorful, elegantly crafted rig designed for the modern, stylish end-user. Its dazzling finish is decorated with spiral stripe accents, a touch of artistry that enchants the taste and surpasses the usual aesthetics. Measuring 9.5 inches, it provides a balanced structure with a firm grip that facilitates easy usage. The rig features a cone perc that allows for superior filtration, promoting smooth, pure hits every time. With a standard 14mm female joint, it fits a broad range of attachments, showcasing versatility at its best. The rig comes with a 14mm quartz banger, a perfect accessory included to enrich your experience; and with its ability to deliver high heat rapidly, you get more flavor and essence from your herbs. Its colors vary adding a touch of uniqueness to each rig piece. Every rig is a masterpiece on its own. Please note, the Spiral Stripe Bauble Glass Rig is intended for legal herbal use only, and not to be used for tobacco. By opting for this, you get not only an oil rig, but you also opt for a rich, smooth experience that's visually pleasing. Harness the power of modern engineering and design with this Spiral Stripe Bauble Glass Rig. It's more than just a tool for herbal consumption; it's a style statement.
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