Squirt Gun Oil Rig - 7.5"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Elevate your herbal infusion experiences with the Sleek and stylish Squirt Gun Oil Rig. This uniquely shaped 7.5-inch oil rig is expertly crafted from high-grade glass for long-lasting quality. Molded into the fun and eye-catching form of a squirt gun, it's sure to become the conversation centerpiece during communal sessions. It features a superior Matrix percolator, designed for superb filtration, diffusing smoke evenly for smoother inhales. Included is a durable 14mm Quartz Banger guaranteed to withstand high-temperature use and ensure optimal flavor profiles from your chosen herbs. With top-notch performance wrapped in an engaging squirt gun design, this oil rig brings a bit of playfulness back into your relaxation time. Furthermore, the Squirt Gun Oil Rig comes in an assortment of vibrant yet sophisticated colors. Please note that the color you receive may vary, adding an element of surprise to each purchase. Lastly, we stress that this product is meant for legal herbal use only and is not intended for tobacco consumption. Enjoy the fusion of fun and functionality in your hands with the Squirt Gun Oil Rig.
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