Stache Splash Guard Banger

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Step up your smoking game with the Stache Splash Guard Banger. Its unique splash guard design keeps your product securely in the banger, ensuring no wastage and giving you value for your bucks. Engineered for even heat up and cool down, this banger guarantees you a smooth, enjoyable experience - no more worries about overheat or quick cool-down sessions. The Stache Splash Guard Banger is an impressive 3mm thick, making it the perfect choice for both cold and hot starts. Now, you can set your own pace and still get sensational satisfaction every time! Its versatile design means it's compatible with any 14mm female joint rig! So, you can enjoy the benefits of the Stache Splash Guard Banger on multiple setups. We've got to tell you something though - if you're using the Stache Core Banger with the Rig in One, it might not always align perfectly with the torch. But that's a minor issue given the unique smoking experience this splash guard banger promises to deliver. Upgrade to the Stache Splash Guard Banger today - unparalleled satisfaction and value are just a click away!
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