Stainless Steel Dab Tool 4pc Set / Acrylic Handles

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Introducing our Stainless Steel Dab Tool 4pc Set with Acrylic Handles. Perfect for connoisseurs of cannabis concentrates, these excellent-quality dab tools are essential for your collection. Crafted from robust and enduring stainless steel, these tools grant unmatched durability and resilience. Adorned with multicolored acrylic handles, they prioritize comfort while adding a touch of aesthetic appeal. Their standard 6-inch (15.24 cm) size ensures a comfortable grip for all types of users. This set offers a diverse array of tips, catering to every scraping, scooping, and poking requirement you may have. The four-piece set, allows you to have an appropriate tool for all types of cannabinoids products and textures. Enhance your cannabis concentrate experience, with this practical and stylish must-have Stainless Steel Dab Tool Set.
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