Tentacle Eye Silicone & Resin Rig - 9.5""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Introducing the Tentacle Eye Silicone & Resin Rig, an innovative smoking accessory standing at 9.5 inches tall. Uniquely crafted using a fusion of silicone and resin, this rig stands out with its distinct tentacle and eye design, providing a visually intriguing piece to enhance your collection. This rig features a highly efficient glass perc chamber and comes with a fixed downstem, demonstrating the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The quality of the materials used ensures durability and ease of maintenance, making it an essential addition to your accessory collection. The rig includes a 14mm male herb slide and a 14mm angle cut banger to provide versatility and adaptability to your smoke sessions. Accentuating the overall appeal is the varying color scheme, making each piece unique and highly coveted. Please note, this rig is meant for legal herbal use only and is not designed for tobacco consumption. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Tentacle Eye Silicone & Resin Rig - because your smoking experience deserves nothing but the best!
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