Terp Slurper Glow in the Dark Marble Set

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Looking to boost your dabbing experience? Check out our Terp Slurper Glow in the Dark Marble Set. This 4-piece set includes terp beads of different sizes, specifically designed for use with a Terp Slurper Banger. These beads not only stir your concentrates effectively with the help of airflow but also control that airflow when used as a marble cap - serving two useful functions in one! Each set features a variety of bead sizes, approximately 19.5mm, 12mm, and 6mm, tailored to your individual needs. Remember, this set does not include a quartz banger; it's sold separately. Take caution when using this set. You should only heat the bottom dish of your Terp Slurper Banger. Exposing the bucket where the center bead is seated to high heat may result in damage. Get ready to take your dabbing sessions to a whole new level with the help of our Terp Slurper Glow in the Dark Marble Set. Not only are they insanely practical, but they also glow in the dark to add a little added fun to your experience.
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