The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand / Designed To Make Every Sesh Easier

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Discover how much smoother and organized your sessions can be with The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand. This stand isn't just a tool holder, it's designed to make every sesh easier. With its neat, minimalistic design, it blends seamlessly into any setting while offering the ultimate convenience. Crafted for maximum utility, The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand comes with two specially-designed notches for non-magnetic grips. These are complemented by a raised lip edge at the bottom and another on top. This offers the ideal storage space for your favorite instruments. Organization becomes a breeze with this magnetic toolstand. The added space neatly lays out your objects, making them quickly accessible at a moment's notice. This reduces wasted time and enhances the quality of your sessions. Expanding your storage space is easy with the inclusion of a handy side cap and accessory drawer. This feature not only stores larger instruments right within reach but also makes your sessions run like clockwork efficiently. The Apex Ancillary Magnetic Toolstand ultimately eliminates the hassle of rummaging for the right tool during a session. Every tool is clearly displayed and within easy reach, every single time. The stand promises not just ease and efficiency but also a streamlined aesthetic that complements any space. Please note that tools are not included.
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