The Puffco Enthusiast's Dab Rig Station for All Things Puffco

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Discover the ultimate organizer for every Puffco lover - the Puffco Enthusiast's Dab Rig Station for All Things Puffco. This ingenious tray will keep all your cherished Puffco devices neatly stored and ready for use. It can comfortably hold a Puffco Peak or Pro and two carb caps for easy access. Additionally, a convenient slot is designed specifically for your Hot Knife. Whether you wish to keep your Puffco Plus assembled or break it down into individual parts, this tray can accommodate both variations. Similarly, the uniquely designed holder for the Proxy offers a snug fit and can store an extra two carb caps and the atomizer. What sets our product apart is the inclusion of an ISO pump and swab beaker. This is perfect for keeping your after-dab cleaning gear within arm's reach, ensuring you can swiftly clean up post usage for a seamless experience. Please note, this listing is for the tray only and does not include any Puffco products. The Puffco items shown in the pictures are merely for illustrative purposes. This superior organizer is an indispensable accessory for any devoted Puffco user aiming to keep their devices tidy and all in one place.
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