Travel Rig Waterpipe - 3.15"" / 14mm Female / Colors Vary

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Introducing the Travel Rig Waterpipe - a practical and stylish accessory that caters to your on-the-go smoking needs. This nifty piece sports a 3.15" height and sports a 14mm female connection, making it a compact addition to your collection. Designed with assorted colors that add a touch of playfulness and personality, this pipe brings diversity to your options, however please note that color availability may vary. It comes complete with a complementary glass herb slide that allows for effortless preparation and placement of your favorite herbs. Its miniature size is purposefully designed for easy transport and discreet convenience, making your travels more enjoyable. Whether you are a collector or a casual user, the Travel Rig Waterpipe is a great tool to enhance your smoking experience and represent your unique style.
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