Very Happy Kit - Dab - Green

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Experience dabbing like never before with the Very Happy Kit - Dab - Green. Made for flexibility, this kit lets you dab anywhere and anytime you want. Its stylish and compact design makes it easy to transport so that you can enjoy your moments on the go. Plus, this sleek case is nearly odorless, preserving your discretion no matter where you are. Dabbing just got easier, safer and more secure with our shockproof case designed to protect its essential contents. The kit includes a nectar collector of top-notch quality which simplifies the dabbing process. You also get two 5ml wax containers that provide ample room for your concentrates. Furthermore, the kit comes with a dab tool that aids easy and efficient application. Need a reliable source of heat? Our butane torch got you covered! It delivers a steady heat supply necessary for perfect dabbing. The Very Happy Kit - Dab - Green is your one-stop solution for all your dabbing needs, serving as a portable and comprehensive solution for both beginners and experienced users looking to take their dabbing experience to the next level.
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