White Rhino Reverse Tweezers w/ Silicone Tip

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Introducing the White Rhino Reverse Tweezers with a Silicone Tip! These unique tweezers are designed to make your life easier. Picking up hot terp beads, pearls, or drop-ins is super easy with their reverse style design. You just squeeze to open and let go to close and grab - just like a spring action! Plus, they're made from durable stainless steel so they will last for a long time. But that's not all! They also have a handy silicone tip, so handling those hot items is not just easier, but also safer. These tweezers measure 5.75 inches (145mm) in length, a comfortable size for most users. These are not just any tweezers. The White Rhino Reverse Tweezers are a must-have tool for anyone dealing with hot materials like terp beads and glass drop-ins. Get yours today and experience the comfort and convenience they bring!
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