Worked Mushroom Carb Caps - 1""x1.2"" / Colors Vary

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Open yourself up to a whole new way of enjoying your favorite herbal extracts with the Worked Mushroom Carb Caps. These remarkable 1.2" glass carb caps are engineered using sturdy boro, known for its eye-catching appearance in a variety of colors. Crafted with precision, these carb caps are compatible with banger nails. Their unique mushroom design not only provides an aesthetic edge but also enhances your experience by regulating the airflow. Now you can take control of the intensity of your sessions while adding a burst of color and style to your collection. Please note that colors might vary, but each one complements the worked mushroom design flawlessly. Gear up for an improved and flavorful experience with these Worked Mushroom Carb Caps. They're not just a tool, they are the perfect accessory for the connoisseur of fine herbs.
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