CBD For Gaming and Esports


Whether it’s your favorite solo or group video game, esports, or the upcoming time you will invest gaming on the new Xbox Series X or new PS5 that comes out this fall, extended periods of time gaming can lead to long-term pain and strain. Whether you’re gaming for fun or are participating in an upcoming competition, you should consider CBD as part of your prep, play, and recovery plan. Here are a few ways to utilize CBD for gaming and esports.

Preparing to Game

If you game regularly you need to invest in a better gaming setup, with a high focus on ergonomics to minimize the strain of repetitive motion and long periods of sitting. This goes beyond the most advanced headsets and gaming consoles to wireless power transfer technology (WTP) that empowers you to game while seated or standing, an adjustable TV or computer screen, gaming chair, and gaming keyboard. Take a few minutes to warm up your hands and forearms before you game. The video below has a few easy exercises and tips.


Post Gaming Routine

Once you are done gaming for the day you should complete a few more exercises and stretches, including counter stretching your neck, shoulders, back, fingers, hands, wrists, and forearms. Also consider using steam, taking a CBD Epsom salt bath, or soaking your hands and forearms in Epsom salt. Many gamers utilize CBD Cream to soothe their sore muscles after they game and may even take it before they game as a proactive approach. Here are a few more stretches to ensure your individual pain points are addressed.


CBD For Gaming

CBD For Gaming

The eSports League (ESL) has banned both marijuana and CBD from competitions as both are viewed as performance enhancers. However, many gamers continue to use CBD up until game day for focus, clarity, and to soothe their overworked gaming muscles. Be mindful as drug tests are randomized and although CBD is .03% or less of THC, there is no guarantee that it won’t show up in a random drug test. For this reason, many gamers stop taking CBD oil at least 5 days prior to tournaments. If you are gaming for leisure this concern is eliminated, unless your school or employer prohibits cannabis.

Here’s to breaking new gaming records without muscle fatigue!

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