What Is Your Intention And What Is Your Why?

With the pandemic turning our lives upside down there has never been a better time to rethink our intentions. Pre-pandemic, most of us crammed our schedule as full as possible. We had goals in mind, but rarely stopped to consider if how we filled our days aligned with our values. This global time of transition is the perfect time to ask, “what is your intention and what is your why?”.

What Is Your Intention?

We set a variety of conscious and subconscious intentions each day. For example, drinking your morning coffee is likely to wake you up so that you can have a productive day. This is a generic example, but it is essential so that we can consider what else we could be doing to improve our productivity. This might include getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night and eating a nutritious breakfast. If productivity is the goal, how can you reduce the stress of getting everyone up and ready in the morning? Maybe have everyone lay out the outfit they want to wear the next day the night before, so it is one less decision to make.

It may be helpful to download a notetaking app, such as Notion, or start carrying a small journal with you. Before you add anything new to your schedule, determine what your intention for each new item is. At the end of the day, consider what you did each day and what your intention behind each item was. You’ll quickly begin to see that you aren’t always investing your time in what and who you value most. If your schedule is light due to the pandemic ripple effect, you can do this exercise by reviewing your calendar for the few months prior to the pandemic.

What Is Your Why?

Much of our day is filled with tasks we have completed on autopilot for as long as we can remember. But what is your why? More importantly, our why often isn’t our own. Is there anything you feel obligated to do or dread doing but do anyway? No, a trip to the dentist doesn’t count. For example, many people dread going to the gym but do it anyway.

It’s been drilled into us all that we must workout at least 4 days a week, ideally at a gym, fitness studio, or via the latest fitness trend. But what is your why? Your why, should be to feel strong, flexible, balanced, and energetic. It should be for whole-body health, whether you have weight to lose or not. Finally, it should be to complete a physical activity that you enjoy. Yes, you can enjoy your workout!

Instead, many of us become too focused on trying to hit an unrealistic goal weight or BMI. Or on trying to achieve a body type we are not, instead of loving the body we’re in. Again, this is a generic “why”, but a common one many of us get wrong. If walking 30 minutes a day, using free weights at home, swimming, taking a dance class, or playing sports is what you enjoy—your workout becomes a positive what and why. It should have nothing to do with striving for a more acceptable definition of beauty.

Why Does What And Why Matter?

Determining your what and your why help you live in authenticity. In the wise words of Carl Jung,

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

Authenticity is where we begin as children, but somewhere along the way many of us lose ourselves in an effort to fit in, please our parents, please our teachers, and achieve a societally acceptable measure of success. This leaves us abandoning much of what comes naturally. To return to authenticity our thoughts, words, and actions must be aligned with our values, beliefs, and goals. Instead, most of us are a constant contradiction. So, we must keep ourselves in check.

It is empowering when we stop trying to fit in and we start being ourselves. Nerve-wracking at first, but ultimately empowering. Setting a daily intention will help as it encourages us to be more mindful in our daily decisions.

What Are Daily Intentions?

As you begin to eliminate and decline obligations that aren’t aligned with your values, it’s time to start creating daily intentions. This might be a mantra you set for the day or week ahead but should also include a mini intention that you declare prior to each task.

For example, as you sit down to check your email in the morning, your intention might be “to ensure that I understand, connect, and engage with my clients and colleagues.” Sounds simple, but many of us rush through our morning emails as quickly as we can.

With the start of every new activity, take a moment to set your intention, which will help you remain focused and present. Be sure to add in your why. For example, even if you aren’t in your dream job yet, your “why” is to support yourself until you finish college or as you continue to apply for the job you desire. Be grateful for what you have, but always growing and stretching.

Here Are A Few General Questions To Help You Get Started

  • Who are the people you are most committed to? Are you spending quality time with them? If not, why not? You may be surprised to learn that your nearest and dearest don’t feel like they are a priority.
  • What are your mind, body, and spiritual goals? Do your daily choices reflect your wellness goals? If not, why? If so, what more can you do? Nothing must be 100% but aim for more often than not.
  • What feels effortless and brings you joy? Does your schedule reflect these things? If not, why not? Can you make time for more? No, adulting isn’t the only goal.
  • Where would you like to see your career in the next 5 years? Do you have a plan in place to achieve your goal? Are you taking action? If not, why? If so, do you need to make any adjustments? You’ll never get there without a plan and action.
  • What are your personal development goals for the next 6 months? Next year? Do you have a plan in place to achieve your goals? Are you taking action? If not, why? If so, do you need to make any adjustments? You could read books, explore online resources, take a class, and more.
  • Are you constantly or currently stressed or unhappy? If so, why? Dig deep, beyond the day to day, what is the root why? It’s ok if you can’t figure it out alone as your friends and family can help. If not friends and family, a life coach or therapist.
  • What global goals are you committed to and what are you doing to achieve them? You can donate time and resources, sign petitions, write letters to elected officials, join social change groups, and more.

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