Consumer Credibility Issues With CBD Brands

Hemp-derived CBD has been legal since the Farm Bill of 2018, providing consumers with an alternative to marijuana without the high. Eager entrepreneurs rushed to take part in this nationwide emerging industry, creating a variety of CBD products. From tinctures to softgels, gummies, topical products, and skincare and beauty products. Now, after a couple of years, let’s take a look at the top consumer credibility issues with CBD brands.


It’s essential to read the label before you purchase your CBD to ensure you understand what you are purchasing. Start with the milligrams per serving to confirm how many servings per dose. Next, read the label to see if there are any unnecessary additives. Many brands use fillers to water down their products and improve their profit margins, but not Holmes Organics. We use organic olive oil as a carrier, but what you order is what you get.


Many CBD brands are elusive about their crops and processing. Not only is Holmes Organics CBD USDA Organic Certified, but we are fully transparent about our lab testing and processing. Our products are extracted from US grown hemp flowers using CO2 extraction and we provide direct access to the Quality Assurance reports for every batch we process, which you can access on our website.

False Advertising

Unfortunately, many hemp seed oil brands are trying to capitalize on the cannabis industry by referring to their products as “CBD oil”. However, hemp seed oil is a cooking oil that has always been legal for consumption. It does not contain the cannabinoids that you are searching for to calm and soothe your mind and body.

For example, if you type “CBD” into Amazon, you’ll see a lengthy list of hemp oil products, all claiming to deliver the benefits of CBD. However, Amazon prohibits the sale of hemp-derived CBD, so this is false advertising. As with all natural oils, you may enjoy anti-aging skincare and beauty benefits, but you are not purchasing a true CBD oil.


You are not alone if a CBD brand once worked well for you, but doesn’t anymore. This is probably because the company has switched farms or crops, or is watering down their products with additives. Again, read the label to ensure consistency.

Holmes Organics is committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. While we may add new products to our inventory, we will remain organic and transparent, and will never add unnecessary fillers. Our prices are higher than some of our competitors due to our organic farming, purity, and transparent lab testing.

We invite you to experience the Holmes Organics difference for yourself!

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