10PC BUNDLE - Vortex Twist Dab Straws - 6"" / Assorted Colors

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Introducing our exclusive product, the 10-piece bundle of Vortex Twist Dab Straws. Each straw is a stunning 6 inches, expertly crafted for the ideal blend of usability and aesthetic appeal. The main body is composed of premium borosilicate glass, renowned for its strength and resistance to temperature changes. A feature that makes it not only attractive but also durable and reliable. The highlight of our Vortex Twist Dab Straws is the innovative vortex twist diffuser. This intuitive design ensures smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable experiences every single time. The twists create a captivating visual, also, they serve a fundamental purpose - they help to diffuse and cool the vapor as it travels through the straw. With our 10-piece bundle, you always have options! The bundle straws come in an assortment of colors, adding an extra touch of personalization to your experiences. Colors may vary, giving you a delightful surprise with each package you open. As a final disclaimer, we'd like to note that these dab straws are intended for legal herbal use only, and not for tobacco. We're dedicated to promoting responsible, legal use with our products. Enjoy enhanced experiences with our 10PC bundle of Vortex Twist Dab Straws - a truly ingenious fusion of design and performance!
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