FAQs About Dab E-Rigs

Q: What exactly is an E-Rig?
A: An E-Rig, short for Electric Dab Rig, modernizes the traditional dabbing experience.

Without the need for a torch, it uses electrical heating, typically via ceramic rods or metal coils, to vaporize concentrates.

Similar to a desktop vaporizer for waxes, it often comes with features like temperature control, bucket-style heating elements, and water filtration for smoother inhalation.

Q: How does one operate an E-Rig?
A: Operating an E-Rig is straightforward. Initially, power on the device. If it has a digital display, you can precisely set your desired temperature.

When the device reaches the set temperature, apply your concentrate into the heating bucket using a tool.

Begin inhaling from the bubbler while simultaneously placing a carb cap over the atomizer for efficient vaporization.

Q: What's the best way to clean an E-Rig?
A: Cleaning your E-Rig involves disassembling and soaking removable parts like bubblers in alcohol or a cleaning solution.

Atomizers and buckets can be cleaned in a similar fashion. Ensure coils are dry-fired post-cleaning to eliminate any residue, ensuring a clean next use.

Q: What temperature settings are recommended for E-Rigs?
A: E-Rigs may feature preset temperatures or allow for precise temperature control.

Lower temperatures generally produce better flavor and a longer session due to more draws, while higher temperatures offer larger vapor clouds with less flavor.

The choice depends on your preference for flavor intensity or vapor volume.

Q: E-Rig vs. E-Nail: What's the difference?
A: While both terms are often used interchangeably, an E-Rig provides a complete dabbing setup, including a bubbler, base, and atomizer.

Conversely, an E-Nail refers to just the heating component and doesn't include a glass bubbler, intended to be used with an existing glass piece.

Q: Why opt for an E-Rig over a wax pen?
A: E-Rigs offer a more immersive dabbing experience, akin to using a traditional rig but with the convenience of electronic heating.

They're ideal for those preferring the ritual of placing concentrates into a heated chamber and enjoy the benefits of water filtration.

Additionally, E-Rigs usually feature larger batteries and robust, easier-to-clean atomizers.

Q: How much water should I add to the E-Rig's bubbler?
A: When filling your E-Rig's water bubbler, first remove the glass to avoid any damage.

Fill just enough to cover the air holes, avoiding overfilling to prevent water from entering your mouth during use.

Insufficient water might lead to harsher hits due to inadequate filtration.

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