Create Your Own CBD Hair Products

As we look for ways to minimize and eliminate the chemicals in our home, we must not forget our hair care and beauty products. While haircare might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of CBD, we must remember that hemp is a plant—and nature delivers the finest ingredients. Mix Holmes Organics CBD Oil in your hair or beard products to create your own CBD hair products that can be used by the entire family.

Kid-Friendly CBD Hair Care Products

CBD Hair Products

The entire line of products at Holmes Organics are 100% THC-free. Our CBD products are legal in all 50 states and run no risk of your or your kids getting high. Since kid’s skin, scalp and hair are more sensitive than adults—you need hair care products that are nature-made. Holmes Organics products are fully transparent, so you know exactly what you are applying to your little one’s hair. You can add CBD Oil, along with a drop of rosemary and peppermint oil to create a CBD Hair Shampoo that has a delicious aroma kids will love. Also, experiment with creating a CBD Hair Conditioner that leaves your hair soft and easy to comb.

The Natural Hair Product You’ve Been Waiting For!

CBD Hair Products For Natural Hair

As a curly-haired beauty your hair has special needs. It is prone to frizz, flyaways, and breakage. The ingredients in most beauty brands do more damage than good, leaving your hair brittle and dry. This means you need hair care products that are naturally derived, and designed to hydrate, nourish and soften your hair—and CBD delivers. You can always add a few drops of CBD oil to your current natural hair care products. For example, add CBD to your leave-in conditioner and create the styling go-to for curly hair as it revives and moisturizes curls, dreadlocks, braids, and twists. Use it in-between wash days or as a leave-in conditioner and comb out solution. Use on natural curls, wavy hair, or chemically relaxed hair. If you wear your curly hair straight, shampoo and conditioner are a must—and you can apply CBD oil to a Growth Balm as a thermal protector.



Repair Your Chemically Processed Hair

CBD Hair Growth

Your salon products smell great and deliver initial results but over time the chemical components further damage your chemically processed hair. Not to mention, the price can really add up! With adding our organic CBD oil to your hair products you have a product line that is both affordable and effective. A mixture of CBD, essential oils and natural butters that hydrate from scalp to root. It will strengthen and repair, minimize split ends, and tame frizz and flyaways. A CBD-infused Hair Growth Balm works on hair that is relaxed, bleached, color-treated or permed. Use on damaged hair or as a proactive approach to keeping your hair healthy.

Create your own CBD Hair Growth Products

CBD Hair Growth

Is balding starting to set in? Does your hair grow slow? Are you trying to grow out your short hair? A CBD Hair Growth Oil is both a styling product and a growth stimulator. A non-greasy blend of natural ingredients designed to deliver soft, silky, strong, and lustrous hair. Apply to your hair, but don’t forget to massage it into your scalp. When your hair grows slow or you experience shedding or balding, it’s often a sign of an unhealthy scalp and hair follicles. Adding CBD to your hair oil will provide a signature blend that will nourish, soothe inflammation, and stimulate hair growth by creating a healthy foundation. With regular use it will deliver stronger, thicker, and shinier hair. CBD-Infused Hair Oil is designed for both men and women who struggle with slow hair growth.

Fellas! Groom Your Beard with CBD Beard Oil and Balm

CBD Beard Oil

Beards continue to grow in popularity meaning you need to care for your beard just as you do the hair on your head. In fact, since your beard is front and center you may spend more time grooming your beard. First things first, no more cleansing your beard with bar soap. Even if you use a facial cleanser, it will dry out and strip your beard making it wiry and hard to manage. Instead, use shampoo and conditioner and a daily hydrating oil or balm. The reasons to use a CBD product on your beard are many, including that it won’t damage or dry out your skin. Even if you are rocking a short beard, goatee, or scruff—keep your skin and beard hydrated and healthy by infusing our organic CBD Oil into your Beard Balm. For a clean shave you can follow up with a CBD infused Beard Oil. It will reduce redness, soothe inflammation, moisturize dry skin, and minimize acne.

CBD Hair Products

A CBD hair care line is designed to work on all hair types. It covers all your hair care needs, but can be used in conjunction with your preferred styling products. Within your first 3 weeks of use you will see and feel the difference!

Try it out and let us know what you think.

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