CBD Winter Skincare Routine

As you prepare to transition from spring and summer skincare and beauty products to cold-weather products—CBD is likely on your radar. If you already have products you know and love, there is no need to transition to a CBD beauty line. Instead, create a CBD winter skincare routine with your go-to products.

The Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

While you may use CBD to soothe and calm your mind and body, it can also be used topically to soothe and calm your skin and hair. Our oil tincture contains two ingredients—our soon to be organic certified CBD and organic extra-virgin olive oil. Beauty benefits of olive oil include:

  • Rich in antioxidants A, D, E, and K for both a proactive and reactive approach to aging
  • The antibacterial properties of olive oil can minimize acne and breakouts
  • Vitamin E content can be part of your sensitive skin care routine, even for psoriasis and eczema
  • Natural oils create a protective barrier between your skin and hair and the cold and dry winter weather
  • Olive oil moisturizes and softens both skin and hair

How To Add CBD To Your Skincare And Beauty Products

If you avoid using oil-based products because you don’t want the shine or don’t have time to wait for the slow absorption, our Holmes Organics CBD oil tincture is ideal. Simply mix it into your favorite products using a small beauty spatula. You can also add a drop or two to your hand, and mix your product in. Once mixed in, there’s no shine and it will absorb rapidly.

Add CBD to your moisturizing day cream, overnight cream, cleansing or moisturizing face mask, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hot oil hair treatments, and more. A little bit goes a long way so a drop or two (not a full dropper) is all you need to add per use. If adding it into larger products such as body wash, lotion, or hair products—add one drop per estimated use. Just be mindful that the more you add, the thinner your product will become.

Make Your Own CBD Skincare Products

Another option is to make your own CBD-infused skincare and beauty products, for yourself and for friends and family. We have a few recipes to choose from.

While protecting your skin in the cooler winter weather may be your initial goal, you are likely to find that you love CBD so much that you continue to mix it in year-round!

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